Commercial Properties also require Housekeeping services

 “Commercial Properties also require Housekeeping services.”

Housekeeping Services

The commercial places like malls, corporate offices, hospitals, the hospitality industry, airports, schools, etc. also require a strong hand of deep housekeeping services. These places might be having their in-house housekeeping or helpers to keep the place clean, but do they require a 3rd party to deep clean the place, at least once a fortnight. 

One might argue that if they have in-house staff who are specifically hired and trained in housekeeping then why should they hire 3rd party facility management services. The one-stop answer to that is the professionals will clean the entire area, top to bottom, with the utmost precision.

Benefits of Deep housekeeping services:

Facility Management Services

While hiring the deep housekeeping services for commercial and residential properties, the main feature to look for is that if the service is offering to clean the entire property. Some cleaning services in the market offer to mop the floors and vacuum the carpets but draw the line at cleaning the toilets or handling the pantry and so on. The housekeeping services include handling the kitchen/pantry, serving the inmates or guests or employees, taking care of the trash and so on. 

Attending to the Lavatory: Toilet cleaning includes the steam cleaning. Steam helps remove any bacteria, germs and other harmful elements that may be left throughout the cleaning process. The lavatory or the toilets that are used on frequent intervals, need more attending to and not just attending to but cleaning and washing thoroughly. Decontamination and sanitization have to be done painstakingly. This helps to keep this public room hygienic and welcoming for all. 

Even in residential places, the toilets or the millennials like to call it, ‘the room with a throne’; has to be cleaned intensely. 

Marble Floor Cleaning and Buffing: Marble floors can be tricky. They tend to lose their shine and are prone to stains. Regular cleaning and buffing your expensive stones can help increase their life multiple times. The problem with getting the floors to shine, occurs in residential as well as the commercial ones. Thus, they require a good polishing session that can make them shine whilst non-slippery. 

Carpet cleaning and spot removal: The carpets of may corporate offices, MNCs, 5-star hotels, airports, etc. cost good amount of money and thus are not replaced every season. Thus, one must get them vacuumed and cleaned to the level that they have no odour or dust or stains. 

As the carpets reflect the tone of the property. Most guests judge the work on the basis of the appearance of the property. Which includes the floors, the carpets and so on. 

Moving in and out: Moving into a new home or office could be a daunting task for any family or the employees. Thus, getting the deep cleaning services to clean your home or office before you even step into it will reduce a lot of pressure and thus allow the positive vibes to start the journey. 

Facility management services focus on those areas that are neglected like the under-sink area, behind the curtains, the water marks in the bathroom, the cabinets, behind the TV, under the sofa, etc. Thus, having the professionals over for a deep clean-up will be quite fulfilling. 

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